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Plus 1 is the introductory book of the series allowing anyone to make progress with their maths.  The book is essentially a coaching manual which allows anyone to deliver individual support as it teaches all the building blocks of numbers, and begins to develop skills with mental calculations.


The New NRIT has been revised, shortened and restandardised, to bring a consistently popular test fully up to date: each test has been reduced from 80 to 60 items, making them quicker to give and to score.


Dandelions are a new Synthetic Phonics reading series for beginner readers at Foundation Stage. The books precede and supplement the Dandelion Readers series. The series offers the beginner reader one line of text at CVC word level and each level introduces new sounds of the alphabet.

Special Offer Complete Scheme:

€349 - 174 Books

Jolly Phonics

Reading Assessment

Child-friendly assessment that teachers can use with their pupils in a one-to-one situation. A pack of carefully developed materials have been created to provide an easy and quick method of assessing children’s decoding and comprehension knowledge. Suitable for use with children aged 4-6 years old.

Jolly-Phonics-Reading-Assessment Jolly-Grammar-3-Handbook-244x320

Jolly Phonics Grammar 3

This Handbook follows on from The Grammar 2 Handbook, revising, consolidating and extending the teaching from The Grammar Handbook 2

36 structured grammar lessons.


36 spelling and punctuation lessons.

Develops dictionary and thesaurus skills.

Improves vocabulary and comprehension.

Photocopiable activities.

numbershark-front-15094 wordshark-front-15095

Numbershark is a computer program to help anyone improve their understanding and use of numbers. The program teaches and reinforces numeracy using 45 carefully designed games. There are over 500 topics to choose from.

Wordshark is a computer program to help you read and spell.

It uses 55 specially designed games to teach and to reinforce reading and spelling using 9,000 pre-recorded words grouped in specially selected word lists.

Stareway to spelling0003

Toe By Toe provides information for anyone involved in the teaching of adults or children who suffer from specific learning difficulties (dyslexia).

talkabout talkabout for teenagers Early Numeracy Developing Number Knowledge Teaching Numbers Teaching Numbers in the classroom

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20 % Off Talisman 2 Series

Phonic Books Specialise in publishing a synthetic phonic reading books for beginner and catch up readers.


Available Ranges:

Dandelion Launchers

Dandelion Readers

Split Vowel Spelling Sets

Dandelion Board Games

Hot Dots Dandelion Vowel Spelling Cards

Talisman Card Games

Moon Dogs

Magic Belt, Alba, Totem, Rescue

& Talisman Series.


All Phonic Books Products are available to order. Please call us for catalogue and latest prices.


Jump Aboard

A complete 6 level course for primary school children.


The Jump Aboard Begginners range includes pupils workbooks, teachers books posters and grammar practical books.

E.A.L. Programme



The Word Wasp


Alpha to Omega

The A-Z of teaching reading writing and spelling.

Pack of two including a students book and teachers handbook.


The Word Wasp books are mauals for teaching the basic rules and structure of English.

The Word Wasp €32.50

Hornet Literacy Primer


Living Maths Series


Series of 8 photocopiable books based on everyday tasks and situations at home, in school, in town, on holiday and at the supermarket for example.

All books in line with the

"Project Maths"

Speechmark publishes high-quality, practical resources for education, health and social care. Their resources cover speech and language therapy, special needs, elderly care, emotional and mental health, and social and emotional skills.

€22.95 each

Talkabout Series


short term


speechmark mac oxford harper pearson edco primed learning childsplay findel power

We supply the full range of products from the above companies and many more.

Please contact us for enquiries and catalogues.

This book is ideal for education psychologists and speech language therapists working with children with short-term memory difficulties. Memory therapy can have a direct and positive impact on a child's receptive language skills, self-confidence and ability to learn.



stareway stride ahead




Nessy Fingers


From €47.50

Nessy Fingers touch typing helps improve spelling and keyboard skills. Key positions are taught in the sequence of the alphabet for rapid learning in 5 short lessons. Nine fun games and awards motivate practice.

Nessy Fingers will teach you to type safely, accurately and quickly


Learning Materials

New_Reading__Thinking_set_books_ml learning_high_frequency_words_book_set_ml

One of our most successful series that presents exercises in inferential comprehension and where pupils must use common sense and reasoning. Useful for KS 2 & 3 pupils who show some weakness in understanding text. Series progresses in both difficulty & maturity.

€4.75 Each

For pupils with special educational needs at KS 1 & 2 who are learning the high frequency NLS word lists. This series covers all the words for Years  to 2. Designed to provide a multisensory approach, two pages allocated for each set of words.

€22.95 Each

download speechmark

Power of 2



p2 ptt pt

Power of 2


Perform with Time


Perform with Times Tables


Early Numeracy Maths Recovery Program

Early Numeracy enables teachers, special educators, educational psychologists and researchers to become more knowledgable in assessing childrens' number knowledge and strategies, and therefore more skilled in planning programmes of intervention and monitoring childrens progress.

Developing Number Knowledge offers a coherant, up-to-date approach emphasizing computational fluency and the progressive development of students' mathematical sophistication for 7-11 year olds.

Teaching Number In The Classroom shows how to extend the work of assessment and intervention with individual and small groups to working with whole classes.


Teaching Number sets out in detail nine principles which guide teaching together with 180 practical, exemplar teaching procedures to advance children to more sophisticated strategies to solving arithmetic problems.

Dandelion Launchers

Jolly Phonics

Speechmark Speaking & Listening

0025139W download (1) download (2) speechmark

Speaking, Listening & Understanding provides a collection of graded games and activities designed to foster the speaking, listening and understanding skills of children aged from 5-7.


Developing Baseline Communication Skills  is a practical resource aimed at fostering personal, social and emotional development and promoting language and early literacy skills.


Understanding & Using Spoken Language follows on from Speaking, Listening & understanding and is a collcection of games and activities for children years 7-9.




Oxford Rollercoasters

download (3) download (4)

The Oxford Rollecoasters books are a series of 48 award winning novels for able readers aged 10-14 years.


With the books you can download a free Rollercoaster Resource Pack full of editable resources.


Subject to availablity the books come with a free reading guide.

Way Ahead

A Foundation Course in English


Way Ahead is one of our best sellers and has helped children in over 40 countries to learn English. This fun and imaginative British English course introduces a cast of interesting characters who contextualise the language.


The Way Ahead range comprises 6 levels each including a pupils book, workbook &  teachers book.



Oxford On The Edge Series

9781843036821 9781843036920

Talisman Series

Moon Dog Series

Synthetic Phonic Teaching Programme

download (5)

€18.50 Pack of 8 Titles

From 31.25

Manuals From €34.50

Matching Teachers Manual €19.50

On The Edge features readers and playscripts which motivate and stretch your lower-ability 11-14 year olds. This 'soap opera' style series is split across four ability levels with twelve books in each level.


On the Edge series is ideal for J.C.S.P. program.


Free teachers book subject to availability.

Looking__thinking_big_1_ml Write_Away_2_m New_Cloze_1_cover_ml Cloze_Pegs_1_cover_ml reading_for_meaning_cover_1_m

New Reading & Thinking Series

Learning High Frequency Words

Reading For Meaning Series

Looking And Thinking Series

Cloze Pegs Series

ALL €22.95

Write Away Series

New Cloze Series

Series of 6 titles designed for pupils with special educational needs and those learning English as an additional language, helping them to extend their range of written work to fulfil the National Curriculum requirements.


Was €98.50 Now €89.50









Chase Across the Square Board Game is an action packed game of speed and calculation which will result in only one winner. Throw the dice and move across the board collecting tokens as you go. You will encounter squares which will move you forward or back. You may land on a chance square which will change your luck. Different squares will bring various surprises. When the first player completes the board, players calculate the value of their tokens. The player with the highest value of tokens wins. Are you ready to chase across the square? €19.95