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Dua Language, Beowulf 

Suitable for Ages 9-13 years old.

Please specify when booking which language combination is required.


Availailable in 31 Languages including Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Czech, Farsi, French, German, Gujarati, Irish, Italian, Panjabi, Polish, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese.
All dual language editions of this book are TalkingPEN enabled, see FreeLINK for available audio.

Parental and Community inclusion are significantly enhanced by seeing dual language resources in schools.
The PENpal/ClassroomPEN enables parents to add their voices into any dual language book; or for favourite 
non-Mantra Lingua books, parents too can add their voices using our recordable labels. Children can make their
own mini-books including narrations in their home language.


For twelve years, Grendel, a ferocious and bloodthirsty creature, terrorises King Hrothgar's people, killing and devouring their bravest warriors. That is until one day when Beowulf, the strongest and mightiest of the Great warriors, arrives on the Danish shores determined to defeat Grendel. When Beowulf slaughters the vicious creature, the kingdom rejoices but the celebrations do not last long. In all the excitement, the people of Hrothgar have forgotten about Grendel's keenest ally.


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