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This brilliant CGP Workbook is perfect for helping secondary students with English as an Additional Language to learn English. It's tailor-made for learners who are 'Developing Competence' (DfE English proficiency level 'C').

It’s packed full of all the crucial vocabulary EAL students need to master, as well as activities to develop their understanding of English grammar including the perfect tense, the passive voice and phrasal verbs. Each topic provides opportunities to practise the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing For EAL students who are newer to English, don't miss our

Can be used with all learners of English aged 11-16.


• EAL Book 1 (for pupils working at DFE level A: 'New to English') and our

• EAL Book 2 (for pupils working at DFE level B: 'Early Acquisition').

English as an Additional Language Workbook 3 Ages 11-16

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