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This practical guidebook, with a beautifully-illustrated storybook, enables teachers, parents and professionals to help children aged 4-12 connect with unresolved feelings affecting their behaviour. This is a guidebook to help children who: * have been given too little encouragement to follow their hopes and dreams * are too despondent or defeated to go after their hopes or their dreams * are too busy surviving, so hopes and dreams are a luxury they cannot afford * think that hopes and dreams are just for other people * do not follow their dreams because they are too afraid of failing * are following somebody else's star"; and "only dream small dreams for themselves, from a fear of being big". A Pea Called Mildred is a story to help children pursue their hopes and dreams. Mildred is a pea with dreams. She has great plans for her pea life. However, people are always telling her that dreams are pointless as she is just another ordinary pea. Eventually, with the help of a kind person along the way, Mildred ends up doing exactly what she has always dreamed of doing.

Helping Children Pursue Their Hopes and Dreams

SKU: 9780863885006
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