Ideal for whole class teaching of Jolly Phonics through a whiteboard! The software enables teachers to deliver lessons in a fun and engaging way to children, using a wide variety of activities. With all the resources a teacher requires at the touch of a button, the programme is fun and easy to use. Key Features Of The Software • Suitable for use on Promethean, Smart and all other interactive whiteboards Software will run on both PC and Mac? Full and extensive year’s programme for teaching Jolly Phonics• Ideal for use with children aged 4-6 years• Structured daily sessions, complete with teacher’s notes that can be viewed or printed• Interactive lessons with lots of blending, spelling and writing practice, ideal for whole class or independent use• Audio option for hearing the letter sounds, Jolly Jingles and Jolly Songs and story option• Extensive selection of worksheets, templates and games that can be printed and used in class to reinforce teaching. These can also be given as homework The software is split into 3 main Steps, covering all the 42 letter sounds, alternative spellings, tricky words as well as activities for reading and handwriting practice. Each Step provides progressive daily sessions, as well as practical advice and tips that the teachers can use in their class. Jolly Phonics for the Whiteboard – Quick Contents Step 1 Provides daily flipcharts, each introducing a letter sound as well as revision of letter sounds already taught. So for example, if the letter sound /t/ is being taught the flipchart will provide revision of the previous sounds /s/ and /a/ which will have been taught. By the end of Step 1, children should know all the 42 main letter sounds and the first set of tricky words. This will enable children to blend them together to read and write simple words.

Jolly Phonics for the Whiteboard Site Licence - print version

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