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NB: Orders are Strictly Restricted to Schools in Ireland only.

NNRIT: New Non-Reading Intelligence Tests – Oral Verbal group tests of general ability Age Suitability: 6:2 to 13:10

The NNRIT comprise three tests for use with separate age groups: NNRIT 1 is for pupils aged 6:2 to 8:10; NNRIT 2 is for ages 7:2 to 9:10; and NNRIT 3 is for ages 8:2 to 11:10 in primary schools and 10:2 to 13:10 for average- and lower-ability students in secondary schools.

These are group tests which are presented orally by the teacher, enabling general ability to be assessed independently of reading. The NNRIT tests assess aspects of language and thinking that are not necessarily represented in measures of pupil attainments, and help to pinpoint low-achieving and slow-reading pupils who may nevertheless have high underlying ability.

Fully updated and restandardised on over 8000 pupils, the NNRIT tests retain the administrative simplicity which makes them so easy to give and score. This revision updates the item vocabulary and contexts, while also reducing the number of questions – from 80 to 60 items per test – making administration and scoring even quicker. Each test takes about 30-35 minutes to give.

The NNRIT tests do not employ reading, pictorial or numerical items, and the oral administration allows poor readers to do themselves full justice. Each test comprises four language-based subtests – which one?, odd-one-out, analogies and opposites – each prefaced with two practice questions, and expresses a pupil’s ability as a standardised score. The same marking template can be used with all three tests.

NNRIT NEW Non-Reading Intelligence Test

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