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A New Approach to Phonics - Beginner's Book
by Jo Wilson, Educational Psychologist

The Beginner’s Book enables children as young as 5 years old to have the opportunity to develop spelling skills using the Phonological Awareness Training (PAT) approach.  
This is suitable for children who have learned most of the sounds/symbol associations in the alphabet and who can write or copy letters.
The programme is suitable for use with a whole class, small groups or individuals.
The PAT Beginner’s Book includes photocopiable worksheets, record forms, reading/spelling lists and phrases for dictation. Illustrations are used to introduce and support work to enable children to make a rapid transfer to working with print only.
Suitable for children of 7 years upwards, including secondary age pupils, the programme has been found to be of particular value to children with SPLD (Dyslexia).

PAT programme Beginners level

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