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A New Approach to Phonics - Level 3 syllables
by Jo Wilson, Educational Psychologist

Based on very similar methods of working to the previous Phonological Awareness Training (PAT) books, PAT Level 3 Syllables aims to help children to read and spell polysyllabic words.
The programme is designed for use with individuals or groups based upon short daily sessions of approximately 15 minutes.
Photo copiable worksheets and record forms, together with reading lists and sentences for dictation, are included.
It is strongly recommended that children have experience of working on PAT Level 1 and Level 2 before moving on to this more demanding and challenging work.
Information about placement and assessment within the programme is included. 
PAT Level 3 Syllables is suitable for all children of 7 years upwards, including secondary pupils.

It has been found to be very useful for children with SPLD (Dyslexia).

PAT programme Level 3

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