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Red Rocket Readers offer a carefully controlled sequence of challenges throughout the levels to ensure your pupils' progress with confidence and enthusiasm. Entertaining and engaging informational topics and fictional storylines are at the core of this comprehensive series of levelled reading books for guided reading, shared and small group reading, remedial programs such as Reading Recovery.

They feature colourful, entertaining illustrations and photographs that support the text, launch oral discussion and develop student comprehension. The classic story structure (tension, climax and resolution) ensures children will want to engage with the texts.

Key Features

  • Meaningful concepts and experiences that children can relate to.
  • Develops word recognition along with language development.
  • Focus on increasing knowledge of print conventions, phonological patterns and phonic knowledge in context.
  • Child-friendly text fonts
  • More than 350 levelled titles
  • A balance of fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Ideal for Guided Reading, Reading Recovery and other Special Needs and Learning Support programs.

Various levels in stock: 


5 books Pink Level - Pre Reading Non fiction Key letters set B

4 books turquoise  level - Fluency Level 2 Fiction set B

6 books turquoise level - Non fiction flency level 2

2 books turquoise level - Fluency Level 2

1 complete set turquoise level - Fluency level 2

4 x books Blue level - Early Level 3

1 x book Blue level - Non -fiction Early level 3


pls contact if you would like to order any of these levels- titles are available on request


Red Rocket Readers various levels

€6.50 Regular Price
€4.50Sale Price
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