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These cards have been designed to enable students to focus on the subject of emotions more easily. The clear illustrations of emotional situations encourage understanding of other people's feelings. The design allows a flexible approach and also a variety of individual interpretation and response. This pack allows for flexibility of presentation. It may be worked through systematically or dipped into in a more informal way according to the needs of the students. It has the potential to illustrate many important issues surrounding the subject of emotions and feelings. Some of these are listed below: the nature of emotions; the range of feelings that they bring about the importance of individual needs and feelings; recognition of the emotional needs of others; non-verbal behaviour such as facial expression, body posture, proximity and gesture; the relationship between cause and effect in people's responses, and how individual behaviour can affect the feelings of others; individual responsibility in helping other people to feel comfortable and unthreatened; and the differing feelings and reactions of people to the same event. These depend on factors such as individual attitudes, past experience and level of involvement; the ability to problem-solve through discussion of ways to lessen difficulties or to resolve the situations shown; the inevitability of some negative or difficult situations in life, and the possibility that individual feelings may change with time; the fact that feelings are sometimes deliberately hidden and that, conversely, people may reveal more than they wish at times; strong emotional reactions may result from being overwhelmed by feelings.

Speechmark Colour Cards: Emotions

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