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8 cards designed to develop comprehension and expression of prepositions This is a set of cards arranged in eight sets of six cards. Each set represents a single preposition photographed six times in different contexts. Examples include: In - The girls is standing in the bucket; On - The boy is sleeping on the chair; Under - The bowl of fruit is under the table; Over - The balloons are floating over the girl; Through - The boy's toes are poking through his sock; Between - The small girl is standing between the boys. The concepts and vocabulary shown relate to common experiences such as a cat on a lap, whilst other cards introduce humour with, for example, a bear queuing at a bus stop. The prepositions illustrated teach awareness of space, position and movement. 48 cards, 210 x 148mm + booklet, boxed. It is suitable for 4+.

Speechmark Colour cards: Prepositions

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