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This book includes 20 different verbs to teach future, present and past tense. Visually describing twenty different verbs, including ten irregular verbs, as well as an equal split between verbs in the singular and plural.  Each verb has three cards related to it illustrating the different verb tenses. for example: To wash - she will wash, she washes, she washed; To eat - they will eat, they eat, they ate; To play - they will play, they are playing, they have played; and; To draw - he will draw, he is drawing, he has drawn. 60 large format photocards 148mm square wire-o-bound side by side in threes + instructions, boxed. Produced by Speechmark, ColorCards (registered) are a hugely adaptable teaching tool designed to help develop both language and social skills. Real objects, people, situations and activities are shown on the photographs to provide you with creative and highly visual resources.

Speechmark Colour Cards Verb Tenses

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