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This pack comprises 48 large format photocards. The cards are divided into 24 pairs of pictures. One of each pair (card A) is complete and acts as a reference card. The second card of the pair (card B) has five items or part items removed. Some cards are simple visually and conceptually; others are more complex. They are arranged in order of difficulty. It offers a clever and useful set of 24 pairs of photographs showing a complete scene in one card and another of the same scene with five items missing. For example, in a picinic scene, a cup, banana, basket handle, man's ring and half a plate are missing. The missing items fall into the following categories: a change that has no influence on the activity depicted; a change that is an inconvenience or an anomaly; a change that prevents the functioning of an object; and, a change that is not possible in real life. "What's missing?" has been designed to develop: observation skills; identification of anomalies; simple problem solving; the relationship between cause and effect; attention and concentration skills; the use of concise, descriptive language; and, visual memory. It can be used for more complex higher-level language work and general language situation with older children and adolescents.

Speechmark Colour cards: What's Missing

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