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"StoryCards" have been designed to develop children's understanding of basic concepts and to promote the use of expressive language. Each pack features one concept and contains four stories, each with an endearing central character. "The StoryCards" can be used alongside other, more structured, language resources in order to reinforce understanding and generalisation. On the reverse of each card is a photocopiable line illustration for colouring and reinforcement of the concepts. This pack features: Prepositions: Story 1 - Up, Up and Away: 'in', 'on' and 'under'; Story 2 - On the Trail of a Snail: 'in front', 'behind' and 'next to'; Story 3 - Over the Trees and Far Away: 'over', 'through' and 'between'; and Story 4 - Cool in the Pool: 'above', 'below' and 'around'. Each preposition is repeated several times to reinforce the child's understanding of its meaning. Felt finger puppets depicting the central character in each story are enclosed as a useful tool for consolidation. As the child's understanding increases, expression using the prepositions can be encouraged. The child will also learn to expand early vocabulary to include situations outside their own world. The grammatical structures will be modelled and generalised, thus encouraging the use of more mature utterances. This pack can also be used to develop understanding of verbs and simple adjectives alongside the prepositions, as well as using the story itself for sequencing and retelling.

Speechmark Story Cards: Prepositions

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