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These language cards can be used to consolidate the understanding of 'missing'. The delightful characters depict a variety of scenes encouraging a child's observation, attention and visual perception skills. This title contains 24 pairs of cards - six each of four levels of difficulty. Each pair shows a scene on one card and then the same scene on another card with one, two, three or four things missing. The number of things missing will be shown on the reverse of each card. The scenes featured are: in the sea; in the jungle; in the snow; on the farm; in the house; and, in the countryside. The different levels of difficulty encourage a child's progress in simple stages. The cards also help to develop the child's ability to respond to other 'Wh' questions as well as 'What's missing?'. Questions such as 'What's happening in the picture?', 'Where?', 'What?', 'Who?' and 'Why?' can be used, depending on the child's level of comprehension.

Spot What's Missing Cards

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