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Storyteller Card Set - Learning how to create narratives Alison Roberts. To tell a story is quite a daunting task for many people, and yet it is necessary to create narratives every day, for example to share what happened at an event or to retell the storyline of a film or TV programme. These cards provide a loose framework to use as practice by learning how to structure imaginary stories. The aim is to develop the skills of creating a story, memorising it well enough to process it and then narrate it. Apart from practice at 'working in' an idea, the words cards help with vocabulary development too. There are 60 cards in this set, consisting of: Story Title cards; Story Starter cards; Words to include in your story cards; Unusual words to include in your story; Words with meanings for you to invent and include in your story; and Story Endings. It features 60 cards + booklet Age 12+.

Storyteller Cards

SKU: 9780863889615
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