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Differentiating for Inclusion: Visual Perception

by Mark Hill

The Differentiating for Inclusion series is designed to narrow the gap between children with SEN and their peers. Books in this series offer teachers helpful guidance in identifying both what children can already do and what specific targets they need support to achieve. The positive approach of structures small-steps targets, together with activities for teaching these, will ensure that children with SEN make accelerated progress. The books are all written by experiences practitioners.


Target Ladders: Visual Perception addresses seven key areas of challenge for children with visual perception differences.

  • Visual memory skills
  • Visual sequential memory
  • Visual closure
  • Visual discrimination
  • Visual form constancy
  • Visual figure ground
  • Visual motor integration


Helpful checklists and practical advice for creating classrooms suitable for children with visual perception difficulties make this an ideal resource for the busy teacher.

Target Ladders - Visual Perception

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