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Words Their Way. Word study for Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction. Global Edition.

By Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Shane Templeton, Francine Johnston.


A multi sensory series of spelling, phonics and reading and language manuals which is highly successful in S.E.N. settings.

Suitable for Ages 5-14 years. The series has a successful track record in primary education.


Each manual is available separately or as a complete 6 part series.


By integrating the three pillars of word study instruction- phonics, spelling and vocabulary- the Seventh edition of Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction continues to make word study more efficient and students more responsive. With a systematic, teacher-directed and student-centred approach, this seminal text is underpinned by an evidence-based approach and academic rigour and continues to be a practical and engaging way for teachers to study word features, sound, pattern and meaning, with students. Its spelling inventories enable teachers to assess and then track student progress, and work sorts and word study games foster criticalthinking by involving students in solving problems through analysis, reflection and discussion.


Accompanying this book is PDToolkit, an online resource that contains interactive digital spelling inventories, sorts and printable games. Word study games and templates in a printable format are also available for all five development stages.

Words Their Way. Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary and Spelling Instruction

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